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Comment from: Michelle

Ruth, this to me is one of the most touching items you have written, causing me to focus on my own lack of practice in this area. I'm actually afraid to dwell on the thought, fearing I will see right through my rushed daily existence of getting on to the next item of the day, or person of the day. For this I truly wish there were more hours in the day to approach with thoughtfulness in everything I do.

01/24/12 @ 12:36
Comment from:

Ah yes, time. Another thing we cannot control. But where are we rushing to? Why do we accept the pressure to move so quickly? And how do we keep from getting trampled if we don't? I say step aside, let the frantic crowd rumble past you, and then continue on down the street at your own pace, smiling as you go. Whether you can actually do that or not, I'm grateful you took the time to post a comment.

01/24/12 @ 13:15
Comment from: joy  

Being raised in a "home" I knew I was different from the start. All I wanted was to be like everyone else "normal". That's how I viewed it through the eyes of a needy childs.
People saw me and raved "What a beautiful child." All I wanted was to be loved but what they saw was the surface, the outside. I hid the secrets and pain for a lifetime and was afraid to exchange a real look.
Through self-examination and honesty I finally discovered the truth about myself - I was shutting the world out! I had to learn to love myself in order to honor life and take it to the level of the air we breathe. The breath of life!
There is a Master Plan and every encounter we have is an essential part of the plan.
When I see you or hear from you; I am blessed. Every encounter is sacred. Therefore: I see you and know that this moment is meant to be...we are no longer strangers, we are brothers and sisters sharing the planet; breathing the air, this is life - "I see you!"

01/25/12 @ 06:58
Comment from:

Joy: A beautiful story and a very touching sentiment, your words will carry me through the day. Thank you.

01/25/12 @ 07:08
Comment from: kat

Ruth... I love ya! I miss ya.... I've seen you before. I can't wait to see you again! Muah!

01/25/12 @ 19:36
Comment from:

Kat: My what beautiful eyes you have!

01/26/12 @ 05:42
Comment from: Gail

Beautiful article. Well written. Touching.

01/26/12 @ 15:06
Comment from:

Thank you Gail.

01/26/12 @ 19:21