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Comment from: Judy

I haven't forgotten you either! Not a day goes by that I don't have fond memories of the best neighbors ever! Take your time and focus. It's safe to say we all understand. Hope to see you both soon.

01/17/14 @ 11:57
Comment from: rosalie_lisa

What a sense of accomplishment you must have every day...to see the fruits of your labor. You have a lovely way of putting many of our experiences and feelings into words.

01/17/14 @ 14:03
Comment from: Kathy

We aren't going anywhere, just love hearing from you when you are ready and time allows! Well written and enjoy this season of your life!!!
Will look forward to visiting when ready.

01/17/14 @ 17:57

It is great to hear from you and that lunch in Emmaus is available whenever you are ready! Are you taking time out to go to the Lehigh River Watershed Conference on Wednesday in Allentown?

01/19/14 @ 12:20
Comment from:

Judy: Ah shucks. Thank you for the kind words. It will be nice to see you again soon.

Rosalie Lisa: You're right on the money. I keep thinking about the fact that the dirtier the condition, the greater the sense of accomplishment. Thanks for writing.

Kathy: I hope you can enjoy the season, too, no matter how much you prefer the warm sunny ones.

Joe: Thank you! Sadly, I am not going to the conference. I am, however, very excited about this year's Congress Along the Schuylkill conference. In fact, I'm delivering a presentation. The session title is "Measure, Cut, and Sew," and it offers advice on tailoring your message to your audience. Accompanying me will be my editor and friend, Paula Goff, who will be talking about writing press releases that will capture a newspaper editor's attention.

01/21/14 @ 18:28
Comment from: Joy Connell

Love to hearing all about the projects in your new home! The fact that it is so dominating helps alleviate any pangs of regret over starting over. Getting down and dirty really creates a bond and a sense of I care about you and this new place we call home. The only way to ever accomplish anything is to make it a priority and that always means letting other things slid for a time.
Looking forward to hearing more soon.....

01/25/14 @ 07:25