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I think you are close to it. I more look at it as try to be good to yourself in your mind and heart while wishing the best for everyone and everything else. Then just act--staying true to that basic principle and concept and making sure as much as possible that your actions are consistent with your thoughts. And that's about it.

01/18/13 @ 13:12

Well, I try to apply the old "put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others" rule: I will let in as much bad news as I am capable of dealing with. I generally don't like to get aggravated unless I feel I can do something about it. And it may vary from day to day. For example, on any given day in my neighborhood I see enough down and out homeless people to give me a lifetime's worth of sadness. When I'm in a clear and generous state of mind, I give a bit of money and human connection. When I'm feeling in a funk, I put my head down and walk by. Good to do and care as much as you can, but you're right that especially with the 24/7 media bombardment these days you couldn't possible care about all the hardship in the world. Life is just there to do the best we can, from wherever we are. Ultimately we all have to die, and that's a beautiful thing. We often forget that.

01/21/13 @ 00:46
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Joe: However, there is a human impulse to over act, like when I saw the hawk kill the robin, therein raising a conflict between action and intent. Staying true requires a refocusing from time to time, which is a big reason why regular quiet contemplation is so very important. And yes, Joe, be good to yourself!

Sven: Thoughtful advice, and well taken since (from what I read) YOU do not shy from issues. Thank you.

01/28/13 @ 07:27

can't quite get my head around that "dying is beautiful" concept.sally starr died sunday at 90. a good long life--until I realize at 58 I would be getting close to 2/3 done even by that aggressive standard. we were gone long enough before the start. we will be gone long enough after the end. Why Rush?

01/28/13 @ 08:08
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Joe: Ah, but there is greed in wanting life without death. I certainly find no rush to end it, but hope that there is no end. The risk to that is only great disappointment after I die.

01/28/13 @ 08:18