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Comment from: Joy  

I read this today and thought of you!When I replyed to the survey it was just about specifics and not about how much inspiration we impart to one another. The quote follows:
This is the artist's dream:
To recieive the inspriation to create,
To share that creation with others,
And to be totally supported in the process.
It all begins with inspiration; this is the call to create. You bring that with your thoughts and ideas in the articles you share. Once the creation is born, it needs to be shared. It can bring a new vision into our world as a song, painting, book, invention, or new buisiness - any tangible form.
Finally the aritist needs to be supported for what he does. We need confirmation that the connection is acceptable and alive.
This is why I thought of you and wanted to reconfirm the importance of what you are doing. It is from your heart and soul which you are true to but it also inspires the artist in us to trust ourselves.
The dream is not just the artists dream it is all our dream as well. We can all experience the joy of creating, sharing, and being acknowledged. Thank you for sharing your gifts and keep giving us more!

03/15/12 @ 07:07
Comment from:

Joy: That quote sums it up. And I do greatly appreciate the support. We all play a role in supporting the arts, whether it be the music we listen to, the stories we read, or the movies we watch. Art in all forms is created to be shared, but when the artist starves, we all go hungry. We forget that, even though the creations seem to be easily constructed, art is hard work. It's easy in the sense that it may come naturally, but difficult to figure out just what "naturally" is. Like any good instrument, sometimes it takes awhile to get it in tune. It is by audience reaction, then, that we know whether or not further adjustment is necessary. Therein is where we all become a part of the creating, sharing, and acknowledgement. I'm glad to be an inspiration; I'm grateful to be inspired.

03/15/12 @ 09:44