Tag: "happiness"

Behind the Wheel

May 15th, 2014
We all want a good life. Yet, for many of us, our desire for happiness and satisfaction is met with anger and frustration. After a short errand this morning--a four-mile drive during rush hour--I wondered how good it would be if we all got out of our… more »

Celebrate light!

December 21st, 2012
I am taking a pause today to acknowledge the Winter Solstice, that wonderful, once-a-year time when I turn my eyes to the sky and smile, knowing the daylight will soon overtake the night. Photo used with permission from Shannon Miller of Shannon M.… more »

Control in the Existence of Life

December 14th, 2012
With my back to the tree, I never sensed the hawk's presence. I could not immediately comprehend the ruckus going on behind me; it sounded as if the flock of robins had begun wrestling over the berries on which they were peacefully feeding. By the time… more »

This Week's Small Step: Find Someone to Admire

May 17th, 2012
Find someone to admire. Anger. Frustration. Guilt. Uncertainty. Fear. These emotions can consume us. However prevalent though, they should never serve as a guide. Instead, inspiration, conviction, confidence, assuredness, and happiness should take th… more »

Take what you deserve.

January 11th, 2011
I read a sad fact in the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal this week: 627 surveyed employees revealed that nearly half did not take all their vacation time in 2010. Whenever I was job hunting, the vacation time benefit weighed heavily on my deci… more »