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Comment from: mfrable
Just before winter, I realized our male american goldfinches left our backyard feeder almost two weeks before the females. And, just this weekend, the females returned, with no males in sight. Will be counting the days 'til the boys return - yes, I was amazed at the revelation!
03/08/11 @ 08:54
Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs
Thanks for the reminder about the phenology project. I've always loved the subject- probably because I was introduced to it at such an early age. When I would ask my grandfather " when are we going to plant stuff in the garden" he'd invariably say "its not time" If I said "but it's April' it's supposed to be OK" he'd say "the sugar maples haven't bloomed yet" I'm writing this with teary eyes, I need to go outside now.
03/08/11 @ 11:41
Comment from:
Thanks mfrable: Great observation. Thanks for sharing the info. The guys may look vibrant, but the girls gotta' stick together! Warren: Did your grandfather have any sugar maples in his yard?
03/09/11 @ 15:17