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I received this comment via email. The author notified me that he was unsuccessful in posting it here. Please do let me know via ruth @ thewritebeat . com if you too have trouble posting a comment. Until then, here is his post: "If a 'nation' is divided against itself, that 'nation' cannot stand.... I take poetic license in that. I believe most Americans just stand in line in the 'cattle chute' and begrudgingly file towards the inevitable outcome that has been predetermined for them by 'The System.' A system which they don't really understand, an inherently corrupt system that has been tainted by pass down ethics and legacy legislators striving to survive beyond their expiration date. We endeavor to change things... but change is REALLY hard and being apathetic beings in general, we take the path of least resistance. If we as Americans (The American Nation) intend to survive and, YES, move forward to a common good, we must look back on the lessons that I was taught as a young child (I am just south of 60 years old)... that is to respect one and another and EARN what you want out of life... nothing in life is free! Ignorance is not bliss, but is the catalyst for decay of our society."
11/17/16 @ 08:19
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Yet another regular user was unable to comment. I'm still tweaking the settings and have made bold changes this time. Further adjustments may be necessary to control Spam attacks, but for now, comments should be working without incidence. Again, do email me if you cannot comment. Until then, here is another post that was emailed to me: "I really would love to return to early settlement of our country where people gathered together in quest for the good of their own little communities. Basic characteristics of mankind are similar but each one is designed individually as to compliment the whole. (I think) Not unlike all that thrives in order to sustain life as we know it. "Last night on the news a reporter inquired of the tree farmer; "How long will these cut trees survive?" The farmer indicated that while it was partly in the species of the tree, it also had to do with conditions of the environment surrounding it. However; he emphasized; "There are no two tree exactly alike - each one is individual. So it is with us the keeper and protectors of our world. And as you pointed out our differences tend to make us great when properly united. "The other day while walking Murphy I did what I usually do. I study the trees and ground growth while MM is sniffing. Now that they are mostly baron I noticed how tall some of the trees are and all the wonderful geometric shapes in growth. It was sunny and bright that day so my attention scaled to the shadows laying on the ground. "And this is what I concluded: "Knowledge is not unlike a shadow - it is a glimpse of understanding what we see and feel. The world keeps turning and rearranging the patterns of our thoughts. "NOTHING is absolute! Thus the need for change becomes eminent.... I hope we all find Peace, Hope, ,and Good Reason in the New Year."
11/21/16 @ 09:17