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Your article was excellent. But what about those who seek to plan for 2014 in more traditional less Internet terms? And especially those who want to spread our wings and blossom again but must be oh-so-careful about health?

11/14/13 @ 15:47
Comment from: Mark Nale

Well done Ruth. I think that you accurately take the reader through the steps that one should consider before deciding to DIY or hire a pro. I do a lot of DIY projects, but only if I have all or most of the tools needed and if I already have the skill set OR think that I could learn it quickly. It definately sealed my decision NOT to make my own website! : )

11/14/13 @ 19:01
Comment from:

Joe: The advice still applies. Set the goal; evaluate your skill set and interest; consider whether or not the outcome will serve the goal's purpose. As I wrote, the answer will always be, "it depends." I cannot know what you are going through; only you can determine the best course of action. I only wrote this as a reminder that there are reasons for and against DIY, and our decision should be made based on our individual situation.


Thanks for visiting and for posting your feedback. Keep in mind, I'm an odd duck in a lot of ways. I don't like templates any more than I like the status quo. Plus, I serve small businesses in my freelance career, so I put myself through the paces because I really wanted to learn. You may be coming from a different place. Depending on the purpose for your site, the resources for DIY sites are vastly improved. And WordPress seems to be at the forefront. Check out this WordPress post for more info. Do be careful, though: that which finds success on the internet becomes a target for internet criminals. Be sure to take advantage of any features and measures to protect your site from hackers and viruses.

11/15/13 @ 09:44
Comment from:

Footnote: For those who want to know about my Blog, it's created using B2Evolution. I like it because it ties seamlessly into my Website, it's secure, and it works for me. The drawback is that it is not part of a community (like LiveJournal or WordPress), so it doesn't come with that extra marketing benefit, but it is far more resistant to spam and hacking. I originally found it because my hosting service offered it as an Easy App. I've been hooked ever since.

11/15/13 @ 10:04