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Comment from: Janet

Ruth, you always generate beautiful words to share with others. In my mind, I can imagine the beauty of the scenery, the majestic Heron scolding you for disturbing its peace, the blue sky, clear water, and shoving off from the shore. God has created a masterpiece for us to enjoy. Thank you and Glenn for sharing the pictures and your experience within that masterpiece. j

06/19/15 @ 11:52
Comment from: Joy Connell

Sorry; but I've been on a few of these excursions but only locally at the lakes and most serious experience of all was in NJ marshlands...Always ended-up feeling lucky to have survived! My hubby won the canoe; I was a naural with the paddle but have no sense of direction -wind or otherwise. I totally enjoyed the commentary along the row and recall those spectaular moments of communing with nature and the river creatures. To be honest your story made me miss that sort of adventure! I felt the fight in tackling the cross currents and smelled the freshness in the air. Your logical conclusion in the end tells us that your adventure days are long from over. Happy safe rowing!!! Joy

06/21/15 @ 16:53
Comment from:

Janet: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Joy: I often spend my "water" time sitting on the shore instead of floating on top. Glenn is the boating fan; I tag along and usually enjoy it. I also favor being in a canoe with another person, but kayaks are more popular now. Everyone wants their freedom, I guess. Thanks for the well wishes.

06/25/15 @ 10:25
Comment from: Michelle Frable

Ruth, I certainly could have used your insight (and a friendly voice) on our trip to NC last week. Your thoughts make me look back to what seemed like a disaster to find those few minutes/hours that hopefully meant enough to us all to not find the entire trip a hot, humid, frustrating, over-anxious mistake of a week.

06/29/15 @ 13:18
Comment from:

Michelle: I'm sorry to hear that your vacation was less-than-perfect. Since so many of us can take so few vacations, we wind up placing too much weight on them. Each one HAS to be good, because another one won't come around for awhile. That makes it difficult to accept what comes. Meanwhile, bad vacations are the ones we wind up telling funny stories about later ... after time has healed the frustration and anxiety. Still, I hope you didn't meet any sharks!?!

07/07/15 @ 10:56
Comment from: Michelle Frable

Ruth, you nailed it - I just couldn't keep it simple, we HAD to take our week and venture into the mountains (we had threats of bears, not sharks!). Too much driving, too much planned, trying something entirely new for all of us (RVing) so far from home. So yes, the funny stories will come, just maybe not yet! Looking forward to whenever the next vacation will be though. Maybe we'll get that one perfect, or maybe not.

07/08/15 @ 12:14