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Well thanks but I would rather there be as few threats as possible! Seriously though I get your point. Randomness is the guiding principle of life. Your roof let go at that particular moment as opposed to before or after--randomness.

I think the choice to look with awe or excitement or anticipation is good--because the events are going to happen anyway. But let's still try to fix the ones that we can. . .

02/21/14 @ 10:23
Comment from: Joy Connell  

Reads like an Edward R Murrow broadcast......scary but so real. There are many dangers lurking; such as last night while getting ready for bed - I tripped over the dogs toy (lovingly left at my feet) and landed hard. This after a couple of glasses of wine left me whining on the floor. Hubby with new hip replacement wasn't much help! HELP!! Lesson learned; be careful, be cautious, especially after 65 and always keep your wits about you.
On-the-otherhand it is the unpredictability of life that brings the most joy!
I love surprises and waking each day to find what adventure lies in wait. It is not so much the circumstance as it is how we react to what is presented. Thank you for increasing our awareness - now we shall remain vigilant!

02/22/14 @ 08:32
Comment from:

Oh dear, Joy! I hope you are ok. It really is a good example of how danger is everywhere. I agree with you Joe, precautions should be taken, but where would it stop? Our eyes can ears cannot be attuned to every direction at every moment. And when we eliminate all threats, what gets lost (get rid of the dog and its love?)

03/04/14 @ 11:01