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Comment from: Janet
Right on, Ruth. Excellent article....what is the old saying...Judge not lest you be judged". Biblical or not, all humans desire respect and fair treatment even though each was created as an individual. Be kind and carry on!!
03/22/17 @ 18:04
Comment from: elly_sadorf  
Ruth, With all the political junk out there today, I was feeling saturated. This writing is a breath of fresh air - it contains common sense and shows a desire to just live and let live. We all need to stop labeling and judging others. This was the best thing I have read in years!!
03/23/17 @ 09:51
Comment from: Joy Connell
Lots and lots of good material in this dissertation! Yes; and I think you could go on and on - why not?Why not turn this into a book? We all need to ponder these uprisings more deliberately, to understand each persons position. We do need to take a stand from time to time regarding things harmful to our happiness and very existence. We are all human but individual just the same! Personally; my life's agenda was to becoming something; something others would recognize and appreciate. It took forever to understand that being myself was all I needed to be successful. In fact it is our differences that make us essential to the whole once acceptance is uncovered. Oh I wish there was a way for everyone to be happy and come together in acceptance - I wish that loving my neighbor was a reality and that contentment wasn't such a lonely place. I know this though; there is Harmony underneath the cracks in the sidewalk and Truth is the Key........
03/23/17 @ 18:36
Comment from: Judy
"I cannot understand you until I’ve truly been you, and I cannot be anything other than who I am." That has always summed it up for me. Thanks for writing this, you've outdone yourself yet again! I label myself as human and really, that's all that should matter. It also doesn't make me any better than a non-human, just a different species.
03/29/17 @ 13:23
Comment from:
Janet, Elly, Joy, and Judy: I truly appreciate your encouragement, and I'm glad to hear this was well received. It wasn't easy to write. I'm not wanting to offend, but neither am I wanting to continue to keep quiet. It's comforting to know you feel the same. We're all in this together. :)
04/03/17 @ 10:46