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now that's a really good follow-up. Again, just because humans don't control EVERYTHING does NOT relieve them of the responsibility to control ANYTHING.

But we are all responsible for finding our way in this world--which most people exercise by choosing not to think about these types of things at all; and simply living the situations and circumstances presented to them, as they happen. Which is OK to a point. But eventually life will intervene; and at that time, you bettr be able to THINK.

12/14/12 @ 08:41
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They do, and they don't, Joe. They may THINK they choose not to think about these things, until they see a news story about a family deciding to end life support for a child, or an battle over reproductive rights, or a march to stop the hunters. They become enraged because the world doesn't fit into their emotional design. And like you say, those are the times when one best be able to THINK.

12/14/12 @ 08:46
Comment from: Joy Connell

I too feel emphathy with the robin. They bring us so much joy at first sight of Spring. Even though we all adoringly seek out and marvel at the hawk soring. What strength and effortless control! But we go with the underdog everytime....must be we deem equality in all things.
Daily living when consciously embraced brings with it all kinds of challenges. In view of yesterday's massacre in Connecticut we are again faced with struggle and confusion of why? Broken-hearted; laced with anger and blame at the audacity of the injustice. Where have we gone wrong and again WHY?
As you stated; with all the uncertainties we always favor life.Thank you for the probing and helping us to find balance.Such as it is, we must continue to strive to understand to make it better for those who come after us. Our children represent tomorrow and as such are a sacred duty in the preserving of life.
May God be with all of the victims...

12/15/12 @ 05:35
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Beautiful as always. And thank you for acknowledging the Connecticut story. I had not heard the news when I submitted this post, and believe me, when I heard the news, I saw the irony in the timing once again (just as Hurricane Sandy hit as I was writing Control in the Weather.

As far as I know, nowhere in Nature is there killing without a survival reason. I believe this is why the current news -- and all the stories like this -- are so difficult for us to grasp. I can only pray and hope that our society somehow holds on to its senses, that humans try to remain in synergy with Nature's design. I fear that all the searching we do for answers in cases like these will only leave us empty, because there are none. Instead, I prefer to (however naively) shift my energy towards hope and compassion.

A Pennsylvania Amish community experienced a school shooting in recent history. A television documentary about the Amish way touched on the actions of the community following the tragedy. As I remember it, family members of the victims marched to the door of the family members of the shooter and acknowledged their pain, too. It was a remarkable story of forgiveness and acceptance that the actions of one does in not represent the actions of all, or even the actions of the parent who created the one. May we learn from their example, their ability to "control" their emotions in knowing that there is more to the story than meets the eye, a story without a clear ending, a story we may never understand.

12/15/12 @ 07:31