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Those ads from the 1960s were terrific; and yes I was around then. Those people in the one ad were downright scary--and they are now all FORTY THREE YEARS older if in fact they are still around at all.
My sense of both advertising and product is that we are coming to an end of something. That the fundamental change that actually began back in 1946 when the Second World War ended has run its course and will soon be totally replaced. By what is the question.

10/12/12 @ 09:31
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Joe: I hoped to keep myself out of legal trouble by posting old ads. Anyway, I look forward to the changes, and I find such culture shifts fascinating to watch. But I suspect the principles will remain the same, forcing us to stay on our toes, no matter what the "what" becomes.

10/12/12 @ 12:19
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This comment is from "Mike," who emailed me privately because he said he had trouble getting his comment to post. If you ever experience such troubles, please, please let me know so that I can address the issue. In the meantime, here is what Mike requested I post for him:

If I were to write a review of this latest blog entry, I'd simply say "Bravo"!
My more in-depth response would be:

» Dig until you find the pain, then tell how you'll bring relief. - I hate myself sometimes for being gullible at times, listening to some outrageous ad, intrigued by it's content and delivery, all the while knowing better but unable to turn away.... then I find relief in you words; “We must seek out CREDIBLE information from CREDIBLE sources.”

» Make it personal; show how you'll make life better. - “We too love the ads. We even use them to start conversations at parties. They make us feel important, telling us how we deserve what they have to sell.”

» Be simple to the point of single-mindedness. - “Advertising remains a necessity for anyone who wants to reach an audience outside their immediate network.”

» Stand out; strive for bold and brave over tried and true. - Tell someone you like about Lark's Gas-Trap filter.

» Be persuasive and predict response. - “We can buy what they're selling, but just because they're sellin' it, doesn't mean we're buyin' it”.

Wonderful column!


My response: thanks Mike. Too often we are not conscious of our own behavior. We begin to repeat what we've heard on an advertisement as if we learned it in a textbook. Since countermeasures for true public education -- such as public service announcements -- don't get the benefit of the second-half of the gear, the sell, resources for such things remain scarce. That puts us all up against a great challenge, but I am certain we can meet it.

10/12/12 @ 12:27