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You have identified a fundamental problem on many issues; not just the environment. It is too easy to be jaded, cynical, and hostile. Many people pick the easy (especially when it is fashionably reinforced by media) rather than the hard work of determining who is doing the right thing, or at least trying.
04/05/13 @ 11:02
Comment from: Dany
Another issue is that most people don't realize how much every little action counts. You don't need to be a "declared" environmentalist to be able to help the planet with small actions (like closing the water when you brush your teeth, or when you soap up in the shower). It's also true that some corporation might be "green washing" but many others are not. It's up to individual to decide what works for them, do the research and support who they believe is doing the right thing. Just saying that everyone is only out to make a profit (which by the way corporations are meant to do if we want to keep jobs out there) is just the easy way out.
04/05/13 @ 11:52
Comment from: Joy Connell
This dissertation reads like a book; maybe it should be. Your words ring with passion for preservation. As the world changes so must we! The need we have to run to Nature in the midst of our chaotic and demanding human experience is inherent. We escape to the forest, the rivers, and the beaches for reprieve and restoration. Some say they find God in Nature. Poets & Songwriters alike find inspiration in the wilderness. The value is unquestionable so the quest must be the responsibility of a whole society who cares. we must choose to be mindful as we walk the planet - aware of the gifts that belong to us all. Practicing patience for the differences and doing as little harm as possible. Yes; I believe we are all working at loving our world and not just ourselves. In a way it's more about dependence on each other not independence. I too turn the water off when I brush........I need to do more but thanks for all the encouragement Ruth.
04/05/13 @ 18:09
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Joe: Ahh, the media, what an important component in the situation. Broadcast the car wreck 'cause that's what people really want to see. Or is it? Dany: Hurrah for the little actions! It helps to know in your heart why you should act, though. Then, it's worth the research and the thought put into the action AND the buying decision. Leave the generalizations for the scapegoat-seekers who care not to think. As Deanna Lynn Wulff's post this week pointed out, thinking is painful for some: Joy: You're welcome for the encouragement, however be careful not to care so much that you fall into guilt for errors of others who do not share your sense of responsibility. You're already mindful; just let your individual actions follow.
04/08/13 @ 07:29
And if you need to relieve yourself from stressing over it so much and put things back in perspective, relax and re-read "The Monkeywrench Gang"!
04/08/13 @ 11:58
Comment from:
In response to Warren: For those who don't recognize the cynical humor, The Monkeywrench Gang is NOT a relaxing read. However, I appreciate the viewpoint from someone willing to call out a wrong when found. Meanwhile, I also appreciate the YouTube video Warren shared via Facebook in response to my post. Folksinger Arlo Guthrie's introduction to the song is especially fitting, no matter how you decide to approach any issue. Thanks, Warren
04/08/13 @ 13:01