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You can un-create edge habitat. But for power companies it comes at a loss of convenience. For trail users it comes at a loss of selection and choice. And for communities it means no more cell towers and satellite dishes, among other things. We have chosen the "convenient" life we live. So have the deer.

03/22/13 @ 13:19
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Good point, Joe. I think quite a few land conservationists are looking for ways to begin filling in the gaps (a.k.a. un-creating edge). And wouldn't be nice if more of those power companies and other interests that want convenient right-of-ways would somehow share the cuts?

03/22/13 @ 13:30

Deer populations multiply exponentially-deer are a prey species. The populations in the Northern PA counties will rebound quickly when people stop overhunting them.
Some fun facts:
The major predator species of deer in North America for the past 10,000 years has been Homo sapiens. It was a reasonably stable relationship until about 500 years ago.
By the beginning of the 20th century, whitetail deer were extirpated from Pennsylvania- largely because of unregulated market hunting.
The deer now inhabiting Pennsylvania are not the native subspecies. They are descended from deer that were introduced from elsewhere. In particular,the pennsylvania game commission brought Michigan deer here for their reintroduction project..

03/24/13 @ 12:17

Also, Ruth: I also have some neighbors that don't approve. Now we're allowed to use crossbows. I have one and they're as easy to use as agun, and very quiet. What the neighbors don't hear won't hurt them. Another plus is the safety zone for crossbows is only 50 yards, same as regular archery.

03/24/13 @ 12:39
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Warren: Thanks for the information. I appreciate the many vegetarians who read this blog. They've made a commitment that is in line with their beliefs. However, for the carnivores, it seems so unnatural that we'll let a farmer breed, raise, butcher, package, and ship an animal across the country, but we won't accept the practice of feeding ourselves with the "prey" (as your write) in our territory.

Still, I don't know what the shooting range is, but 50 yards leaves only 16 for tracking before you're off my property. My vegetarian neighbor once found a deer in her back woods that had been shot, and it was quite a troubling experience for her. I too would have very disturbed by it had I discovered it here, not just for the waste of a life, but it was out of season, too. When we talk of hunting, we cannot forget how many poor shots and unruly characters have taken up the "sport."

For those who want to know more about how the PA Game Commission comes to some of its decisions, the board just announced a working group meeting. Click here to learn more.

03/26/13 @ 09:04

Some people care about and understand ecosystems. Others believe in survival of the cutest.

03/26/13 @ 12:12