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Comment from: Mike M

I think patience is most often learned after repeatedly suffering the negative consequences that arise from hasty decisions and giving up too early. This brings to mind a couple of adages that my dad used to say: "How come we always have the time to do things over but never the time to do things right the first time". And my favorite... "I cut it twice and it's still too short!”.

02/08/12 @ 21:11
Comment from: Karie Middleton

Your passage finds it's way to me on the day of my grandfather's passing. Looking back on time together and time lost. Could've, should've and would'ves seen on the faces gathered round. Same theme, different generation. As I leave with my children I hope I can make the right choices - to slow down, do it right and make those memories count before it is too late. Thanks for the thoughts Ruth. Peace.

02/10/12 @ 08:16
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Mike: So true, however sometimes the consequences are not obvious because they don't spring up right away ... or they are so subtle we don't recognize them (such as when I am typing). It does seem that patience is fading with each generation. I wonder if your Dad's Dad said those things to him.

Karie: I'm sad to hear about your grandfather. How wonderful, though, that your kids got to know their great grandfather at an age where they will remember him. Meanwhile, those could've, should've and would'ves can be as painful as the loss. I hope everyone can forgive themselves and move on with an intention likes yours -- to slow down and make it count. Sorry for your loss.

02/10/12 @ 08:46
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02/14/12 @ 13:28
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See Joy's comment under "Announcing New Blog Posts"

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