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Those with a big heart often feel like giving up - don't ever lose Hope! Sometimes that's all we have, sometimes that's all we need!

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04/04/18 @ 20:42
Comment from: JOY CONNELL

Thank you Ruth for a "Call for Peace"! I just read it again and feel an urge to keep trying. Trying to do the decent thing toward my fellow men! I don't believe we are born with hate in our hearts, loathing must be taught. I believe right from wrong is innate to our being.
Yes; we need to STOP and ask ourselves the question; "Where am I going; what am I doing as it relates to the world?" I know I can't change the world but I can alter my thinking to have a positive effect on my circle of friends. It's almost enough that I will be able to feel good about doing good.
The Universe is a wonderous place with an abundence of energy for survival. Humanity however is not content with basics we must conquer and redesign (some of this is human nature) to our benefit. In short we are greedy creatures never satisfied! We are like bulldozers plowing ahead regardless of the circumstances.
Our culture and society are a direct result of the competitive syndrome - everyone in it for themselves and nobody at home. Where our children are left on their own being taught by their devices and excesses of violence. It is no wonder they develop misconceptions on how we are to behave.
It's so easy to get caught up in the commotion in what we view. I started watching Criminal Minds enjoying the genius effort to solve the crime. However it got grizzlier and grizzlier, downright GROSS so I had to stop. Of course I'm left with choices on basic TV of repeated weather and 'fake' news..(a pun)
So where should we turn? Take the high road even if it's not popular or easy. Take pause and examine the results of your work, Take time to be grateful for all the lessons of life and know that if you are still here there is a sacred reason. Trust your heart and trust God! Never stop trying to do better one little step at a time.
But what do I know?

04/05/18 @ 15:36
Comment from: Janet

Hi Ruth....YOU nailed it. Our society today is rude, rushed, narcissistic, all for me, etc. quite an article...right on, girl!

04/07/18 @ 09:19