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Comment from: joy  

In the 1st grade we were given pencils to write with and told not to use the eraser. As one who couldn't spell that didn't make sense. I used the eraser so much that it left big dark marks on the paper so i always got caught. Now adays; in my latter years, I don't have time for do-over's. We get this one chance to live so why just exist? I didn't want to waste time doing the same things over and over so at age 50 I tossed out all of the favorite family recipes, much to the chagrin of the children. I was tired of cooking, I wanted to enjoy life.
I've been saved by the world too on long walks. The wind blows the cobwebs out of my mind, and whispers fresh thoughts. Even if I take the same path daily nature demands our attention and respect. The ever-changing color, form, shadows & shapes reach into the sould and refresh us like nothing else can. I don't like to keep 'things' especially if someone else can use them but the earth is different. We will always need a place to call Home. The earth is sacred and I want my children's children and your children's children to inherit the globe in all the beauty as we know it today. KEEP ON HELPING US DEVELOP AWARENESS TO PRESERVE. Thank you!

02/10/12 @ 12:42
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The eraser: What a great analogy! It warms my heart to hear of others who are aware of how beautiful the Earth is.

02/14/12 @ 13:25