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Two remarks: first I especially agree with the buy local emphasis. Second, where is the link to environmental jobs referenced at the end of your article? Somehow it didn't make my computer. . .

05/13/13 @ 07:47
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Here is the link, spelled out: http://www.lohas.com/job-links


05/15/13 @ 12:19
Comment from: Sarah Besterman

I'm catching up on older posts of yours. I can't believe you posted a picture of a Lester piano. I once owned a Lester, and I wrote a song about "him", sung to the tune of "my bologna has a first name":
My piano has a first name.
It's L E S T E R.
My piano has a second name.
It's P H I L A D E L P H I A.
Oh I love to play it every day.
And if you ask my why I'll say...
Cause Lester Philadelphia has a way
With do ti la so fa mi re!

06/24/13 @ 16:44
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I'm now singing that song in my head, with new words.

The piano was my mother's, bought for her when she was young. It was a tough decision to part with it, but it's tone just got too bright (Ragtime sounded good on it). The hardship was softened, though, when my neighbor accepted it as a gift to her daughter. I smile when I hear it from a distance.

06/25/13 @ 08:43