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Comment from: Paula  

Very nicely thought about and written. I find cemeteries fascinating whether I know someone buried there or not. In other cultures, people have different attitudes about death and turn visits to their ancestors in graveyards into celebrations, complete with picnics. I get that, especially when you consider how beautiful the settings can be.

04/29/15 @ 21:00
Comment from:

Paula: Yes, I find it impossible not to wonder about the people in any cemetery. I question who they were and how one would decide what their final memorial stone would say or look like or be placed. I don't take pictures there, but I've seen some amazing sculptures. A particular, modern one comes to mind among the historic ones in Bethlehem, PA. Maybe someday we'll go.

Imagine what a freeing experience it would be if more of us could praise life as easily as we mourn death? Thank you for bringing up that point.

04/30/15 @ 13:43
Comment from: Reba  

Excellent write-up remembering ancestors and others. While I do not believe they are "there" - hanging around their graves, I do believe they are aware and they should feel honored to be so nicely thought of in this present busy, busy world.

05/03/15 @ 14:35
Comment from:

Reba: Thanks, Mom!

05/04/15 @ 07:53