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Comment from: Janet

I read this to Chuck, Ruth....He said, "as an old cliché, good job, it's hitting the nail on the head!" It's inspiring me too. Thanks :) j

01/23/15 @ 10:36

The other good thing your suggestion does is separate the REAL good ideas from those which actually turn out to be dumb. If a bright idea is great today; it will still be great tomorrow. If it's not, then it wasn't.

01/23/15 @ 10:43
Comment from:

Janet: I'm glad I could inspire you ... and Chuck! :)

Joe: You raise a great point about ideas. One of the reasons why we want to jump on new ones right away is the fear that the fire will go out. The ego will jump in and tell you all the reasons why it was dumb, stupid, unachievable, not worth your time, etc. So while I agree with your point, I also find that, for bold ideas, I lose courage after time passes.

01/23/15 @ 16:11