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I think that's a really good question / discussion that will never get old. Some have lifetime writings and entire organizational constructs about all matters of Godness, others just know / feel it, yet others can sum it up in a sentence. (All you need is Love, anyone?)

All I know — though I could certainly even be wrong about this — is that God doesn't have a male reproductive organ [your spam detective isn't allowing me to post the p-word : )]. I also think it would be presumptuous — though certainly not unexpected considering the size of our Ego — to think that there are no other forms of life in this grand big universe.

I think we get into dire and narrow straights when we anthropomorphize God. I'm more in the league of thinking of God as consciousness, without form or appearance in the 3-dimensional world.

As another good piece of reading material on the matter God and religion, I really enjoyed Neale Donald Walsh's Conversations with God series.

11/30/12 @ 16:18
Comment from: Joy Connell

Oh Boy! "Control in the Existance of Life" or "Do Gods Need To Be Supernatural"?
All of this content is in an attempt to answer the age old questions of Purpose and Why are we here anyway? Actually I admire people who can just go along doing their things happily not having to figure out why.

For myself it's personal. It's a journey that began trying to please everyone in everything I did in order to be recognized. Then came the period of unrest; the need to understand existence in the bigger sense. How we;in our humanity superior to all living creatures, have a responsibility to each other and the universe.

Answers can only be found after we come to grips with who we are as individuals. How much of my person is a composite of the influence of others and how much information can I trust as real. The search is difficult because life is so ditracting. The quote about man being his most vexing problem rings of truth.

Also we are complex in our nature and need to choose which aspects of our being will get the focus. Control is never the answer as it complicates rather than accomplishes anything. Real growth comes of earnset choosing.

It is the spiritual realm that I found most intriguing and the most rewarding. I believe our very existence is fraught with the eminence of a Creator. There is a pull to go back to this edge of creation and connect with what I call God. It is a force of energy full of grace but at the same time elusive to everything we relate to normal.

Gods must be supernatural in order to rule over mankind and the universe. We don't have an answer for life after death except to return from whence we came.

Everything we know is a constant state of flux including us. The only thing that is fixed and permanent is the flow of energy that runs like a river thrughout humanity. The force that ties us all one to another.

Finding peace and serenity gives one a reverence for life and respect for everything we encounter in our daily lives. The good with the bad we must abide while trudging our journey side by side.

12/02/12 @ 11:59
Comment from:

Thank you, Sven and Joy. Both your comments are heartfelt and enlightening. Sven, you taught me a new word, too: anthropomorphize. For readers who need the same clarification I did, it means "to ascribe human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, esp. a deity."

It is from you and all the readers who comment that I learn the most! I treasure your participation.

12/14/12 @ 08:24