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I walk almost every day! It’s the easiest way to stay healthy and connect to the outdoors and it’s FREE! While I must admit that I am geek and love modern technology. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I walk to expand my mind. My favorite hobby is taking photos with my cell phone so I can share Mother Nature’s beauty with the social media world. (http://www.enjoygram.com/krazikath) There are also many days that I walk with my better half and enjoy conversation and sometimes I walk alone and savor the sounds of nature. So you really can have it all while out on your own two feet :) Good Luck to you Ruth! I will continue to follow you on your journey!
10/24/14 @ 12:29
Time for a walk, every day, DOES seem daunting! In some cases, especially as winter arrives, it would mean walking in the dark and walking in the cold, or snow, or ice. I am willing to give it a try but I will absolutely need some help getting through those quite real roadblocks!
10/24/14 @ 15:42
Comment from:
Kathy: Your photos are fantastic. Never hesitate to contribute some to the blog in the future. I'm glad you'll be coming along. Joe: The idea is that you can walk virtually with me without making the commitment, in the hopes that it will inspire you walk on your own on the days when you can.
10/24/14 @ 16:21
Comment from: Judy
My daily walk is as essential as my daily shower, something I'm not willing to do without. Sometimes it's dark out (wear a reflective safety belt), or raining (umbrella and rain gear), or icy (boots), there are no valid excuses other than illness. Yes, I'm a fanatic but the results outweigh any obstacles. Good luck!
10/24/14 @ 18:04
Comment from: Joy Connell
I sometimes wish I could just live outside - when returning home from a good walk the house always feels overheated and stuffy. However; on a snowy night it feels safe and warm! Not a coincidence that you are beginning your journey now when I just re-joined the health club. My lengthy walks with the dog end when the weather turns. In the Poconos icy roads present a real hazzard to a person of age so I need to go indoors to exercise. It's not nearly as rewarding due to confined space, crowded conditions, and little peace of mind. I agree about the benefits of walking; it's always an adventure. Even on the same path every day; nature has a new and different view. I love natural light stremming through the forest and the sounds of the birds and streams. It definitely rids the balmy from the brain and brings pure thought. I'm interested in going along Ruth as we all need our daily dose of fresh air and sunshine.
10/27/14 @ 06:10
Comment from: Leslie
I love the simplicity of your new venture! One step at a time. (pardon the pun)
10/28/14 @ 21:49