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Comment from: joy connell
It was the unimaginable loss of our precious grandson that indelibly impressed upon me the importance of family. We are all tied together but famililes have a special bond. There is unbarable pain in the death of any child especially when brought about from a society gone wrong. We need to work to change that wrong. (I know this is personal) Pope Francis was here to promote unity and the Catholic Church. That family image within the church excludes the range of vision we as a society have adopted. The Pope represents one religious impression of the family. Make no mistake; it is not all inclusive! Families in our country constitue diverse ideals and groups that come together based on relative belief systems. We are free to explore and choose. The Pope positively brightened our vision with his presence and message of hope for several days. We cheered about the humility in caring for the homeless and honoring the helpless. A person so GREAT stepping off the chariot for a while in recognition of those less fortunate. The speaches so brilliantly thought out touched the hearts and minds of the masses. Much of which the significance was a reflection of all the original ideals of this GREAT country. Now that the hoopla has subsided what have we that is lasting? Agreeably we need to treat our neighbors with love and respect as was the call. But tolerence needs to be foremost since we are a people who hold dear free choice and freedom to discover our personal destiny. Change is necessary but it must be based on a broader vision. So lets get serious about leadership and taking part when we can - getting involed where we can to make 'our country' our pride. So much to digest in the context of the article; thank you as always for your dedication and imput Ruth......
10/01/15 @ 08:01