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Comment from: Luanne

I don’t try to keep my computer under control but I don’t try to keep my books under control, either. To me, books are more intoxicating than the Internet . . . and it’s hard to blame a book for anything. I appreciate the computer and Internet as resources. I only regret the hours I’ve spent playing Spider solitaire.

Ruth, be kind to yourself. You are honest and authentic. Sometimes contentment means fast food -- a banana in the car. I believe that we are called to different things at different times in our lives. Deliberateness can be good – it’s important to give things appropriate consideration – but methodical deliberateness can be debilitating. If the hotel is on fire, I want the closest functional emergency exit . . . not necessarily thoughtfully designed.

I agree:
(Bad) Drugs are bad; (drugs also save lives).
Lying stinks (and contaminates honest thinking).
Greed is awful (and perpetuates selfishness).
Fast food is (mostly) terrible (but if consumers request change, the market can adapt).

On the other hand:
Books are good
(Some) books are good
Books are (sometimes) good – what’s the reality?

The Internet isn’t bad
Computers aren’t bad . . .

Most importantly, give consideration to choices.
Or, that’s what I think and now it’s time to pry myself away from the computer and go to bed, smile. Be kind to yourself.

09/27/11 @ 21:06
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Thanks Luanne, for the kind words and for sharing your thoughts. Please know that I wasn't trying to beat myself up, but rather sharing my story so that others might benefit from it. I need to develop some self-discipline skills when it comes to the Internet, especially as it relates to wasted time or distraction from goals. I know I'm not alone.

Now how can we get the fast food market to start serving healthier food? I guess that's a topic for another day.

09/28/11 @ 06:02
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A follow up thought: for me, being able to walk out the door in a calm manner is my way of being kind to myself. It's actually a big reason why I wrote this post. Like a drug abuser, I know that I have to change my habits in order to be happier. Your comment helped me realize that. Thanks!

09/28/11 @ 06:17
Comment from: Sarah Bee

I LOVE this thought: "being able to walk out the door in a calm manner is my way of being kind to myself."

09/28/11 @ 11:45
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Thanks Sarah. I'm always so much happier when I don't have to rush around like a maniac. I drive better then, too.

09/28/11 @ 12:02