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Comment from: Mike  

Follow your dreams... what does that mean exactly? Taken literally, I suppose some of us would likely be in the middle of an unfamiliar tropical landscape being chased by dinosaurs as we hoped beyond hope that this WAS just a dream and we'd wake up soon, or if it were real, at the very least we'd be able to fly away as we madly flapped our arms in a feeble attempt to flee the carnivorous creature at our heals... (well, that is one of my dreams anyway!). Literally, I'd imagine the collective "dreams" of mankind are as unique as each one of us are unique individuals just striving to get through life with a few buck in our pockets.
At the risk of going against our ever astute blog host, I say follow your passion! I believe that your passion for the things in life that bring a smile to you face and joy to your heart will lead you to a better career choice than the folly of your youthful dreams.

07/29/11 @ 22:48
Comment from:

Mike: Thanks for the comment. Never feel it is a "risk of going against" this blog to post one. Passion is a vital word that SHOULD be added to this conversation. (Thanks for sharing your dream, too.)

Yes, each person's dream -- whether asleep or awake -- is unique, and that speaks to the beauty of living in America. We are free to do what we want (within the law) to acquire those bucks.

A dream is not just defined as an involuntary vision, but also a goal or aim. There are some kids who know what that goal is just as there are some who understand their passions at 18. There are others who don't ... not yet. Passion leads to the dream -- a point your comment thankfully points out. Most times at 18 we know more about what we don't want than what we do want. Regardless, we need to remember to encourage every kid that there is a dream job inside them that will make them happy so that they can be on the lookout for it at every decision.

07/31/11 @ 06:26