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I think this is just a symptom of the overall condition of affluenza in the western world, and especially the United States. People in the land of unlimited possibilities also have it ingrained in their cultural DNA from an early age that they live in the land of unlimited and cheap/free resources. Here in California, people are getting better about water, but only because the effects of the drought we've been in are now severe enough for everyone to see, and because they're now getting hit in their pocketbook. I'd love to see people conserving resources simply for the sake of living in tune with the planet's ecosystems, but until then I'll take the punch to the ego with imposed restrictions and shaming.

08/21/15 @ 15:22
Comment from: Joy Connell

I relived the excitement of earlier years in the beginning of the article. Then felt concern rise as you went on - and finally felt saddened when the little girl didn't understand.
I felt somewhat let-down when you didn't continue in your announcement to "STOP" because it was an opportunity lost. It is the children that can change our future mindset; they are teachable. My young niece when in first grade influenced me to stop letting the water run when brushing my teeth. I brush three times a day, that small change makes a difference.
The lesson here is to siege the opportunity in the moment - there is NO perfect time to shed light on waste. We need to listen to insight and be brave about sharing what is evident to us as individuals. Each person has a specialty!
As for the Peace, Harmony, Love, & Fellows-hipping I'm all in........Thank you for the honesty and yes; there is a solution, we just haven't thought it up yet!

08/23/15 @ 07:46
Comment from:

Sven: You're so right. If the water from that well trickled instead of blasted, every drop would be cherished.

Joy: You too are so right, and you nailed a source of personal guilt. I've always tried to let my actions serve as an example. Sometimes people notice, but moreover I've also learned that caring and compassion can be invisible to the majority.

08/25/15 @ 09:27