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In response to: Ten Routine Messages I Refuse to Accept

Comment from: JOY CONNELL [Visitor]

very nicely summarized! Very nice; simply put, I'm with you. Tomorrow I turn 80 which had me out of sorts until friends surprised me with a party. The fun and attention brought me back to reality of how fortunate I am to have Friends, Family, Health and a future that is my time. Yes I do want to make worthwhile: Excerpt from a verse about this event remind of somethings you wrote..


11/21/18 @ 14:25

In response to: Tuned In or Tuned Out?

Comment from: [Member]
Joy Connell

Our little boy is doing well thank you. He either played dead or passed out which saved his life, I thought he was gone! Murphy is a Scottie very tough by nature and after a month of being medicated is now beginning to live up to his last name again; Rascal. I wonder why I had to go through something that horrible but now know I was not alone because there wasn't a scratch on me. Being scared is not the answer but being smart and prepared might be. Joy

09/17/18 @ 09:29

In response to: Tuned In or Tuned Out?

Comment from: [Member]

Sven: Listening has become somewhat endangered, so I agree it can be as important as speaking out. And I also agree that our skilled journalists are the fireman we will call upon in trouble. In between is the matter of livelihood. One must keep producing in order to stay nourished. Further, after a lot of listening, release is needed or else the head will explode!

I cherish those who have the courage to speak up against injustice and cruelty and those who are able to articulate their vision of equality and peace. I want to listen to them, too ... more so. But I can't hear if they don't speak. This is the spiraling crisis. Insults, anger, and judgments of debauchery -- that is what people feel free to -- are encouraged to -- express today. From your observation I deduce that my choice to hear otherwise begs me to listen to the silence. Doing so keeps me calm and steadfast, but it also keeps the unsatisfactory norms entrenched.

Likeminded peacemakers need to illuminate their silent thoughts to assure and inspire others. But who among us has the courage to do that during times of battle? We are who we are; I accept that. Oh but if peace were loud and boisterous and war was silent and placid?


Mike M: Who knows what will happen when the floodgates finally fall?


Joy: Yes, pressure. Although I respond well to deadlines and expressed expectations. So you are exactly right in that I must equilibrate the negative with more positive. Still, is your dog okay?!?! Isn't it telling how we are willing to stand up in defense of those we love?

09/14/18 @ 10:12

In response to: Tuned In or Tuned Out?

Comment from: [Member]
Joy Connell

I get it! The pressure is on/creativity goes out the window. Or we let negative issues run rampant in our minds! Listen to your heart and let it drown out the mire of muck invading our thoughts.
Recently I had a situation where my dog was viciously attacked, it got uglier when I saw the assailant running loose a 2nd time. End result was sad as owners turned against dogs which were trained to act aggressively. The question of right virus wrong has been haunting ever since. My heart hurts, my logic confused, but the words can't seem to express the enormity of the problem all around. Sometimes I think we think too large. However; I expect it will emerge over time. Time is what we need sometimes......Joy

09/09/18 @ 11:35

In response to: Tuned In or Tuned Out?

Comment from: Mike M [Visitor]
Mike M

BRAVO! The floodgates opened only to expel the cream from the top of the otherwise tumultuous sea of ideas.

09/08/18 @ 10:53

In response to: Tuned In or Tuned Out?

Comment from: [Member]

Thanks for expressing your doubts, Ruth. I feel very similar. Caught in the frenzy of daily news and outrage, my mind has kind of shut off, from the overload. It seems like everyone is talking, so my instinct is to be quiet.

On a positive note though, aside from cruel and judgmental voices there are also a lot of thoughtful, especially younger voices, that are rising from the chaos. I'm okay being a reader and listener right now, even though I'm plagued by those same sentiments of feeling unproductive. I try to remind myself that listening, feeling and being quiet are just as important as making my voice heard.

A metaphor that's also worked for me is that it feels as if the house is on fire right now and what's needed is firefighters and people skilled at triage. This translates into journalists and social media first responders, fighting the onslaught of hate and lies with facts, humor and... fire. That's not me, and that's okay.

I think voices like ours will be needed (and heard) again once we rebuild from the ashes looking for a positive way forward.

09/07/18 @ 18:04

In response to: Stand Up Straight

Comment from: [Member]

Joy: That's an interesting observation about your friends. Why is it our high school peers seemed more interested in hunching us down than lifting us up? I guess it just takes a little maturity to figure out those aren't true friends, another thing about which we are never too old to learn.

08/07/18 @ 08:28

In response to: Stand Up Straight

Comment from: joyconnelll [Visitor]

When we were kids I heard it all the time; "stand up straight" and pull that tummy in! It was so ingrained in me that when I started driving all my friends said I was 'stuck up'. My posture was naturally good so was my health. Over the years, surgeries and whatnot, my body began to slump. When I joined the local helath club I became aware of how poor my posture had become. Now when I'm on equipment working out I deliberately talke to myself and say; "stand up straight and tuck that tummy in".......(never too old)

08/04/18 @ 08:21

In response to: They're Here: Spotted Lanternflies Hatching

Comment from: [Member]

M. Frable:

Ugh, sorry to hear the bad news. However, I'm grateful for your vigilance. You're within the quarantine area, right? if not, you should report the sighting. Good luck.

05/31/18 @ 12:10

In response to: They're Here: Spotted Lanternflies Hatching

Comment from: M.Frable [Visitor]

Found one lonely adult in our pool late last summer, then found a grouping of nymphs last FALL on our pine trees . . . not sure why so late in the year but the thing that drew our eyes in the first place was a constant hovering of yellow jackets on the ground and on a covered wheelbarrow under the trees. After determining there were no nests, we looked up and saw the nymphs! Bees were partaking in the honeydew (black sugary tarlike substance) left behind by nymphs that will destroy the trees. Telltale sign. For sure we've spent the winter searching our property as well, but as you show above, they could nest ANYWHERE! Gonna spend a good deal of time inspecting the yard now!

05/31/18 @ 11:48

In response to: They're Here: Spotted Lanternflies Hatching

Comment from: [Member]


Tree of Heaven can be a little difficult to identify at first because it is similar to black walnut as well as sumac. Check out the links; authorities advise that you remove MOST of the Tree of Heaven. The remaining ones you then treat for the lanternfly, which makes it deadly bait. Look for the tree along the edge of your driveway. I don't have it here because it's too wet.

Tree of Heaven Fact Sheet

Basal Application and Hack & Squirt Technique Explained

Be very careful about glyphosate (Roundup). It's overuse is causing major problems in the environment. By mixing it with a carrier oil you essentially create a "paint," which allows you to target the application. Spring, sadly, is not the best time for treatment.

Excellent presentation describing lanternfly life cycle and potential damage

Good luck!

05/31/18 @ 08:05

In response to: They're Here: Spotted Lanternflies Hatching

Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]

Just spotted one the other day while Brian and I were outside doing yard work. At first wasn’t sure what kind of bug it was but then quickly realized what it was!

05/31/18 @ 06:27

In response to: Assault Weapons, Entertainment Violence, and a Culture We Must Change.

Comment from: Janet [Visitor]

Hi Ruth....YOU nailed it. Our society today is rude, rushed, narcissistic, all for me, etc. quite an article...right on, girl!

04/07/18 @ 09:19

In response to: Assault Weapons, Entertainment Violence, and a Culture We Must Change.

Comment from: JOY CONNELL [Visitor]

Thank you Ruth for a "Call for Peace"! I just read it again and feel an urge to keep trying. Trying to do the decent thing toward my fellow men! I don't believe we are born with hate in our hearts, loathing must be taught. I believe right from wrong is innate to our being.
Yes; we need to STOP and ask ourselves the question; "Where am I going; what am I doing as it relates to the world?" I know I can't change the world but I can alter my thinking to have a positive effect on my circle of friends. It's almost enough that I will be able to feel good about doing good.
The Universe is a wonderous place with an abundence of energy for survival. Humanity however is not content with basics we must conquer and redesign (some of this is human nature) to our benefit. In short we are greedy creatures never satisfied! We are like bulldozers plowing ahead regardless of the circumstances.
Our culture and society are a direct result of the competitive syndrome - everyone in it for themselves and nobody at home. Where our children are left on their own being taught by their devices and excesses of violence. It is no wonder they develop misconceptions on how we are to behave.
It's so easy to get caught up in the commotion in what we view. I started watching Criminal Minds enjoying the genius effort to solve the crime. However it got grizzlier and grizzlier, downright GROSS so I had to stop. Of course I'm left with choices on basic TV of repeated weather and 'fake' news..(a pun)
So where should we turn? Take the high road even if it's not popular or easy. Take pause and examine the results of your work, Take time to be grateful for all the lessons of life and know that if you are still here there is a sacred reason. Trust your heart and trust God! Never stop trying to do better one little step at a time.
But what do I know?

04/05/18 @ 15:36

In response to: Assault Weapons, Entertainment Violence, and a Culture We Must Change.

Comment from: [Member]

Those with a big heart often feel like giving up - don't ever lose Hope! Sometimes that's all we have, sometimes that's all we need!

(The above comment was posted on behalf of a commenter who could not successfully post to this blog. If you too have problems, please email me at blogger at thewritebeat .com, as your feedback is VERY important to me. Thank you for your patience.)

04/04/18 @ 20:42

In response to: The Case of the Missing Bat

Comment from: [Member]

You have educated me once again. Thank you for your enlightening, succinct, and thought provoking topics.

10/30/17 @ 18:18

In response to: The Case of the Missing Bat

Comment from: [Member]

Karen and Joy: I'm glad that I was able to sway your opinions of the bat, even if just a little.

And Joy, admittedly, my first reaction to a bat in the bedroom would very likely be to hide under a pillow.


10/30/17 @ 17:48

In response to: The Case of the Missing Bat

Comment from: Joy Connell [Visitor]
Joy Connell

You did it again; got my attention and just maybe sympthetic awareness on a subject - 'I rather not go there'!
Haloween seems appropriate for these little fellows since they are definitely scary (to most of us) Yes ignorance is bliss and don't know what to say about "old wives tales". But once we see the LIGHT it is hard to hide under a pillow - so please keep doing what your doing.
Enlightenment feels good........Joy

10/30/17 @ 10:16

In response to: The Case of the Missing Bat

Comment from: Karen [Visitor]

Hi Ruth - excellent article - and I just thought they were ugly and liked to nose dive kids at dusk (which happened all summer in my back yard when I was young!) I had no idea the good they do the environment

10/30/17 @ 08:55

In response to: The Ruins of Ego

Comment from: [Member]


First, please accept my sincere apologies for the very late reply to your post. I had a bit of a glitch and was not receiving proper notification.

Second, thank you for the quote (and comment). That about sums it up.

Last, yes, recite that statement whenever you feel the weight of things today is too much to handle!



10/02/17 @ 11:25