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There's no place like home

November 27th, 2013
I realized that I've stopped taking pictures. Granted, I'm really busy right now -- packing and preparing to move -- but the reason is deeper than that. I don't want to pick up the camera because I know I cannot capture the image as I see it, as I fee… more »

Did you do that yourself?

November 13th, 2013
There are many reasons a person decides to take on a task that would otherwise be done by an expert. The availability of resources and tools for Do it Yourself (DIY) projects have become so commonplace, I wonder if it won't be long before there are DIY facelifts or DIY lawsuits. Obviously there is value in being able to create something on your own, but there are usually valid reasons why some services cost a bunch of money. more »

Tell me your dreams

November 1st, 2013
"That's almost as boring as when people tell you their dreams," my friend said. She was reiterating a comment someone had made to her, wanting assurance that I was interested in what her mind had come up with night before. I was. Dreams fascinate me. I… more »