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Shopping for the Occupation

November 22nd, 2011
This week's OccupyWallStreet pepper spray incident was disturbing news. It's a small example of big aggression from community leaders and police whose patience has been exhausted. Regardless, it's an image that has gotten national attention. As I wa… more »

Don't Let a Tough Decision Keep You Away

November 8th, 2011
"Look at all this junk," my husband said as handed me the day's mail. He was talking about the political advertisements. I told him to put them on a pile with the rest; I was going count up the ads and vote against the candidate who sent us the mos… more »


November 3rd, 2011
Powerless Current. Electricity. Power. Juice. Whatever you call it, it's tough to live without. The fact concerns me more than the severe weather that sometimes forces me to survive in the dark. Many have shared my recent power-outage experience.… more »