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Memorial Day in the Garden

May 31st, 2011
Memorial Day may be a popular time to travel to the beach or mountains, but for me, I like to spend the holidays at home. My secluded backyard is far away from the traffic and crowds that turn well-intentioned, holiday-weekend travel into another… more »

So what's it gonna be?

May 16th, 2011
Will the world end on May 21, 2011, October 21, 2011 or December 21, 2012? In case you haven't heard, catastrophic dates are coming. These dire predictions have fallen rather close together and upon a time filled with despair and disaster. I have sp… more »

Making it all worthwhile

May 11th, 2011
Where I live, a dreary winter became a rainy, cold spring, but this week, finally, all that has changed. The sun has been brightly shining for what seems like a landmark record: four days in a row. With low humidity, flower-filled air, bursting tree… more »

A Day for the Dogs

May 3rd, 2011
Gone to the Dogs This past weekend, my local park turned into an all out dog show when the radio station, 102.9 MGK put on their annual Debella Dog Walk. Hundreds of dogs were present, yet each one was unique. One brave pig even showed up, but I… more »