Unwavering Resolutions

Suddenly everyone around me seems to be making significant improvements in their lives. It’s as if everything is sprouting fresh and new – like I’m standing in the woods during springtime instead of sitting behind a desk in the middle of a dreary, cold January.

A couple friends are dieting (after talking about it for years); a man I know is totally into his new exercise routine; one gal is taking piano lessons; a few business owners have initiated projects they had been putting off; a husband began taking his wife on dates; kids are focusing on college goals….it’s all so invigorating.

I know what you’re thinking, “This happens every year.” Gym owners, for instance, see membership levels skyrocket just after New Years only to watch them dive again in late February. But let’s pretend this year is different. Let’s expect the good habits to continue instead of waiting for them to end.

When I was getting married, I remember getting very down about the fact that the divorce rate was so high, and it didn’t help that so many people were ready to point the statistics out to me. I’m still happily married, but my point is that every single one of us struggles with internal thoughts and expectations of failure; we don’t need outside influences to remind us. We need encouragement to succeed.

Meanwhile, everyone who has started a new initiative can use a few tricks to stay on course. Write goals down so they are not forgotten. Get a partner who will make you accountable. Make notes on the calendar to serve as “are you on track?’ benchmarks.

Do whatever it takes to keep up the momentum, because I’ve got to tell you, all this self-improvement is downright contagious. 2011 is going to beat the pants off 2010, and I’ll be cheering you on all the way through.