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Understanding Can Heal Pain

Frustration is often eased when you discover that someone shares it. “I know, right,” my husband sometimes says. When a person sees what you see and feels what you feel, they become an instant comrade. This can be so even if you’ve never met them. Through the power of communication, when writers, speakers, and other artists open up and share a personal vision, the consenting eyes and ears that fall upon it become immediately empowered.

My last post, A Chance at Change, revealed a grievance of mine, and the writing was filled with sadness. Today I swing to a vision of a man who pushed through, tapped into his stellar network of artists and activists, and crafted an in-depth message has been an antiseptic for my ailing mind.

David Suzuki Podcast

Click on the image to listen.

David Suzuki‘s message comes in a five-episode podcast. You can listen through your web browser:

Whether you share my particular frustrations or not, remember that, in this world of billions of people, no matter how out-of-sync you may feel, you are never alone.

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