The Tools May Change, but the Work Remains the Same

I learned another new word today thanks to Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day:

netroots. (see photo below for definition or click here)

It’s not in my old dictionary; it’s only been around since 2003 according to the “Did You Know?” section.

Grassroots is in my vintage 1984 The Random House College Dictionary and the first definition is this: “the common or ordinary people; the rank and file.”

It got me thinking. Our relatively new connection to the World Wide Web can be quite powerful, but we must still be willing to stand up for our beliefs just as activists have been doing for centuries.

We still have to put ourselves out there, even if our concerns are not broadly shared. And while remaining anonymous may seem like an attractive feature on the net, bravery and authenticity is required to change to the world.

So the Internet is now in the hands of the common man. Howard Dean tried to use that to his advantage. Of course things didn’t work out like he planned. I guess no matter how many roots you have, sometimes you just can’t thrive. Regardless, the grassroots approach remains an effective way to urge society to recognize both wrongdoings and support righteous actions.

What cause do you use person-to-person electronic communication to support?