The Contradictions of Being Human

It’s natural to want the many qualities of a good life. But quite often one desire is in direct conflict with another, and that can make the intended happiness elusive.

Below is a short list of such contradictions. Pause briefly on each word to best understand how the next is opposite.

Awareness and Bliss

Love and Independence

Vigor and Serenity

Wealth and Humility

Structure and Freedom

Community and Individualism

Order and Boundlessness

Safety and Adventure

Speed and Mindfulness


and Solitude



We find ourselves at odds with ourselves and thus at odds with those around us. There is no cure; it is part of the human condition. We all require flexibility, compassion, and understanding in order to find the contentment that exists in the in-betweens, in the diversity of life. Offer this to yourself, and you will have offered it to the world.

What contradictions do you struggle with today?