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Tell me your dreams

“That’s almost as boring as when people tell you their dreams,” my friend said. She was reiterating a comment someone had made to her, hoping that I wasn’t disinterested in what her mind had created the night before.

I wasn’t. Dreams fascinate me. I can come up with some haunting and ludicrous ones of my own. And while I don’t remember all of them, whether conscious of it or not, the story from the night before stays with me as I start my day. It can be a nagging sadness or an uplifting happiness. All because of a dream.

I believe dreams are manifestations of our desires and our worries. Sometimes we can’t easily discern why we dream what we do, such a when we experience a rambling, illogical one. But other times, the cause becomes clear after we offer the dream a little attention … after we acknowledge that lingering feeling in an effort to understand why it is there.

For instance, last night I dreamt that my husband’s arms were covered in colorful tattoos. He had been hiding them from me. He was living a double life, and I was crushed. I threw my water glass against a brick wall in response. Then, I spent the rest of the dream picking up scattered shards of glass by myself.

This morning, I woke up sad and suspicious of my husband’s love.

As I tried to shake it off, I began to realize the dream deserved some thought. It wasn’t just some silly hallucination. My husband and I are embroiled in crossing a milestone. We are taking a leap toward living in a location we always said we wanted. We are about to move from a place that is comfortable and secure to a place that maybe, could be, hopefully will be even better.

Could this place be worth the trouble it takes to move?

This is it. We won’t be moving again until we grow too old to live independently.

Thus, I must acknowledge that my soul needs reassurance. I need a reconfirmation of my husband’s commitment, and I must assume that he needs the same from me. Neither of us wants to be left alone to pick up shattered glass.

September 17, 1994

Boring? No. Dreams are a person’s connection to their most personal thoughts, ones he or she may be able to successfully push aside during the day, one’s that escape when consciousness is asleep.

Any friend who cares to share a dream with me will find an ear that understands just how valuable our dreams can be. With Technicolor vision, they make us pay attention to that which we try to ignore. And like a creatively told story, they give us inspiration to act in a way that is right for our hearts.

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