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Disposable Everything

Those who pay attention to the amount of trash we humans generate can clearly see that, despite whatever calls have been made to recycle our e-waste, the heap keeps growing faster. For instance, imagine how many dead iPhones exist in the waste void, regardless of whether or not they could still be useful, only because they’ve been replaced by the latest version, keeping the early adopters salivating and hooked. And even if there is a way to send the obsolete phones back to Apple for recycling, that still means “waste” to the tune of millions each year.

Junkyard Earth

Image by Baggeb from Pixabay

Now think of all the OTHER brands along with all the players, smart home devices, monitors, laptops, and desktops from both consumers and commercial enterprises. It is simply mind boggling.

To make matters worse, as soon as the “latest” becomes the “previous,” you can no longer buy it. It’s a little like saying that if you don’t buy Ford’s 2022 model F150 today, you won’t be able to get it after the 2023 model comes out, regardless of how many unsold 2022s existed.

Rarely do I need (or even want) the latest. Thus, I’m forever searching for alternative resources when it comes to electronic devices. Over the years, I’ve taken a risk and bought “used” equipment from various outlets, including eBay or after-market refurbishers. The experience was never good. Then I found

backmarket missionBack Market is an online retailer, a clearinghouse that brings reputable refurbishers to a single store and then stands behind each sale with a money-back guarantee, a warranty, and a mission to “build trust and desire for renewed devices.” backmarket bunny

For those of you who are the early adopters, know that Back Market seeks trade-ins, too.

Eventually the excellent laptop and the great monitor I purchased from will join the waste pile. There is nothing I can do about it. EXCEPT that, first, they’ve both been given a second chance at life as useful tools. While shopping at Back Market, I’ve always paid the extra cash and stuck to the items marked “excellent,” but that is in part because I depend on the purchases for my livelihood. Even then, I saved money and obtained the models I truly wanted. And I bought some time before I forced planet earth to eat the junk I can no longer use.

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