Author Blogs

I write two blogs, both of which support your quest to live a simple life. They are a reprieve from the societal attitude that says Nature can be sacrified to humankind’s whim. The words and stories validate the notion that the outdoor world is a model for logical solutions and authentic living. There is no talk about saving the world, only discussion of how the Earth can save us.

Back to Basics Blog

For six years, my Back to Basics blog has featured thought-provoking essays on conservation- and Nature-related topics. I share thoughts that weigh heavy on my mind or challenge popular opinion, all in an attempt to get a deeper conversation started.

I value debate, feedback, and even random comments. This online journal is designed to be a safe place for old-time conversation via new-fashioned technology.

Today's Walk Outside Blog

In 2013, I realized even I was not getting outside enough. I made a commitment to spend time somewhere outside, in all kinds of weather. Every weekday, I share thoughts that come up during this reflective time, and I named this journal, Today's Walk Outside.