Freelance Portfolio and Bylines

Writing for Hire

Many projects are produced in confidence (i.e, ghostwritten). Unable to present it all, below are just a few of the most common types of content I have created:

Chamber Exchange Cover
The Write Beat produced 42 issues of the Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce’s The Chamber Exchange¬†newsletter from 2009 until 2013. Production included layout, editing, and partially writing this¬†ten-page (plus sponser inserts) piece. The Chamber brought the newsletter production back inhouse after hiring a communications manager.
Click here to download a sample of the former The Chamber Exchange.
Writing Assistance
Sometimes the words are already on paper, but the piece needs work. Keystone Conservation Trust was ready to release an environmental report that tooks months to produce and contained a multitude of details. But the original writer was too close to the material to objectively smooth the final draft. I tightened up what he had in order to increase readability, flow, and reader understanding. With just a little bit of work, I made the most of his hard work.
Website Copy and Blog Posts
“I want to thank you again for the excellent writing on the website copy. After all of this time, it still reads beautifully and accurately.”
--Kirk Walters, The Walters Group
Whether assisting a marketing department with language on a sophisticated, professionally designed site or helping a business owner enter content into an online template, I focus on satisfying the audience first, with search engine optimization (SEO) hidden behind the scenes.
White papers
Let my niche for simplifying the complicated help you make your point to your peers and prospects.
It starts with an interview and it ends with a few paragraphs about yourself. The story of you will paint a picture of who you are, where you've been, and what's been important to you along the way.
Procedures Manuals
Business documentation empowers success. Once thoughts are on paper (or online), demand accurate and consistent workflow. Manuals must be specific enough to be easily followed yet broad enough to survive change.
Annual Report Content
Tell this year’s story beyond the numbers and charts.
Press Releases
Sorry. This is not a public relations service. If you need to help submitting releases to promote your business through the media, contact me for a resource. Otherwise, check out the types of articles I write. If your business fits, I'll be happy to add you to my source file.

Document Production and Communication

Subcontracted Assignments

Whether writing or page layout, I am sometimes available to help when the work piles up. With a background in advertising and print production, I enjoy working with creative teams that understand the power of branding, style, and messaging. Rather than flashy taglines, my work is best suited for copy-heavy projects in which complicated messages must be simplified or where large documents must be prepared for your creative team to manipulate.

Publication Submission

I meet editorial needs on time and within a publication's style. Topics of particular interest include:

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